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Our highly versatile venue offers unique auditoriums, conference, meeting, exhibition, dining and training facilities and has a beautiful panoramic view at the top for exclusive dining events and entertaining all year round. Find out more here.

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We offer a wide range of rooms for hire, catering for conferences, exhibitions and meetings of all sizes. With a wide variety of sizes and styles you’ll be able to find the room that specifically matches your event requirements. Make your event bespoke with a wide array of audiovisual and catering services.

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Spaces at The Spine is Liverpool's ultimate destination for events, offering dynamic and modern event spaces as well as next-generation technology. The venue is housed within the Royal College of Physicians' (RCP) northern home, The Spine. Find out more about our organisation and venue.

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Housed within The Spine, a magnificent building overlooking Liverpool City Centre, our venue sits in the heart of Paddington Village, Liverpool Knowledge Quarter. Find out how to get here prior to your visit.

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Spaces at The Spine: the story behind our logo

From the half-eaten apple etched on our iPhones to Nike's famous tick, logos are so powerful they can say it all without saying anything most of the time. They grab attention, make strong first impressions and help build the foundations of a brand and many have a great story behind them.

In a similar way to these widely known logos, the Spaces at The Spine logo also has a fascinating history behind its creation and conveys the values and ethos we promote every day.

Our logo

The Spaces at the Spine logo is the heart, soul and centre of our brand identity. It is how our customers tell us apart from a crowded industry and is a promise of quality, consistency and reliability.

Our logo is a combination of ideas formed together.

The Voronoi pattern exists on the exterior wrap of our building and it is one of the elements that make The Spine unique in its genre. It is symbolic of structure, nature and biophilia, elements that aim to improve the wellbeing of those who work and visit The Spine. This is combined with the shape of the building, and broken up into the key districts in the heart of Liverpool.

The result is a representation of what we aim to achieve: bringing together the surrounding communities in an all-encompassing space for all walks of life. It represents a building that stands as a beacon of excellence, serving the people of Liverpool for many years to come.

Our logo reflects synergy and balance between work and play and signifies that Spaces at The Spine is more than just an events space. We serve as a daily reminder to slow down, breathe, and experience life.

Health and wellness at Spaces at the Spine

The Spine, home to Spaces at the Spine, is one of the healthiest buildings in the UK. It was built to achieve the WELL Building Standard, the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness. The standard consists of seven concepts – air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. These concepts have all been incorporated into the building design to create a happy and healthy environment and to optimise the health of colleagues and visitors.

Health and wellness are at the heart of everything we do at Spaces at the Spine, from the menus we serve to the role of plants within the building.

Our catering offer incorporates healthy food options and promotes knowledge about nutrient quality. All dishes are prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, purchased from specialist suppliers daily. Produce is scrutinised for origin, quality, and freshness. Wherever possible we use small, local suppliers and support fair trade wholeheartedly.

Plants also play a big role at the venue. Far from covering a purely aesthetic role, our plant installations contribute to establishing the venue as one of the healthiest buildings in the world by producing oxygen and improving air quality within the building, in line with the requirements to achieve WELL Platinum. They also create a happy and calm environment, helping our visitors, guests and colleagues to connect with nature every day and reduce stress levels.

Lastly, light plays an important part in the health and wellness of the building. The dappled light that is cast into the building through the Voronoi pattern on the outside mimics that of Japanese forest bathing, promoting calm and wellness.

Spaces at The Spine for your event

Spaces at the Spine incorporates dynamic event spaces for conferences up to 300 and dining up to 184 with breakout rooms for workshops and training, as well as event production services to accommodate virtual and hybrid events.

If you are interested in hosting your next event at Spaces at the Spine, enquire now or contact us directly on 0151 318 2200.

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The Spine is located in Paddington Village at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter in Liverpool’s City Centre.

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